PUBLIC SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT Bring all of the messages together in an exciting, creative activity.

Now that they know what Dr. Trippenfal's secret plan is, our heroes set out to let other kids know! The Cows help out, and a confrontation between the Carbon8 gang and our friends is inevitable. Will Alex and Agent Bones get the message out to kids? And will it make a difference?

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All revved up and inspired by the P4B program, kids work individually or in groups to create a public service announcement that conveys one or more of the 4 key messages.

Students can create a visual PSA (poster or comic) with the online PSA Maker


Create a Paper PSA (poster or comic) or audio PSA instead of using the online PSA Maker.

Enjoy! Time for another fun bone-building tool for the whole class!
Planet Ca4 Mission Control sends "transmissions" that help motivate students and move along the storyline. Learn more about the classroom announcements.