4-A-DAY IS EASY! Getting 4 servings of milk and alternatives a day is easy. A slice of cheese, a glass of milk, a smoothie and a yogurt, and voilà!

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With the help of the CIA (The Cow Intelligence Agency), our heroes finally make a big break in the case. After capturing a member of the Carbon8 gang, they get him to spill the beans on his mission!

Learn what Dr. Trippenfal and the Carbon8 are up to, and what students can do to stop them!

Inside the badge, Earth Agents will find a place to write down the four decoded messages from their comics!
Every time you open the fridge, you're searching for another bone-building food! Find your four bone-building foods in the Four-A-Day Fridge!
Enjoy! Time for another fun bone-building tool for the whole class!
Jr. Agent Femur discovers at the last minute that her mission is not lost! Watch as she alerts the prime-minister to a solution to their problem!
Planet Ca4 Mission Control sends "transmissions" that help motivate students and move along the storyline. Learn more about the classroom announcements.