The Time is Now ! We build most of our bone mass for life during our adolescence. That's why kids have to build bones now! Waiting just won't do!

Alex was kidnapped in the last episode, by an evil gang called the Carbon8! Bones goes looking for her, and gets help from a hunch-backed buddy called Ozzy.

Who is this Carbon8 gang, and their leader, Dr. Trippenfal? Why are they kidnapping people? What are they up to?

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Students use their Earth Agent ID Badges and their secret codes to access each web challenge. It's also where they write down the four hidden messages they discover!
Scan your brain for answers to Dr. Trippenfal's brain teasers. The Time is Now to build your Bones and test your brain!
In her third experiment, Jr. Agent Femur tests out her theories on young and old, proving that The Time is Now to build strong bones!
Planet Ca4 Mission Control sends "transmissions" that help motivate students and move along the storyline. Learn more about the classroom announcements.