Move Your Bones! Once we're feeding our bones, it's time to give them a good workout. This lesson, learn which physical activities build bones!

Agent Bones and his new friend Alex are participating in the school sports day, trying to figure out how else to build bones. Just as Alex is figuring out what activities make bones strong, she is abducted by a mysterious gang!

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Students use their Earth Agent ID Badges and their secret codes to access each web challenge. It's also where they write down the four hidden messages they discover!
Build your very own bone-building obstacle course, and figure out for yourself which activities build stronger bones!
Jr. Agent Femur gets quite the workout at a triathlon, and learns which activities build bones in the second experiment.
We've included an activity-related fun bone-building tool for the whole class. The first one will make them so happy they'll skip all the way home!
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