Feed Your Bones! In the second lesson of the program, we really get down to business! All the tools work together to teach students which foods build bones!

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It's lesson 2, and Agent Bones is in orbit over your town. On Earth, his new friend Alex is winning a Farmers' Market Shopping Spree. Bones causes havoc when he beams down right in front of a person with regretably brittle bones.

On Planet Ca4, we meet Junior Agent Femur, who speeds up time to verify that our bones really do need bone-building nutrients!

Students receive their Earth Agent ID Badges and their secret codes!
The first web challenge is the Feed Your Bones Shopping Spree. Learn which foods are good for your bones!
Meet Junior Agent Femur as she proves Bones right!
Planet Ca4 Mission Control sends "transmissions" that help motivate students and move along the storyline. Learn more about the classroom announcements.