Agent Bones is coming! This first lesson of the program is a teaser, when kids are introduced to the characters and their mission!

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In the first issue of the comic, we are introduced to Planet Ca4, where the locals are called Boneheads, on account of their bone-hair. However, they are suffering from a disease that makes their bone-hair brittle, and begin searching for a cure.

When they find that Earthlings have similar bones on the inside of our bodies, they dispatch Agent Bones to your town!

Teachers introduce the secret box to their classes. It's mysterious! Learn about The Secret Box!
The program is easy to follow from Day 1. Your secret box includes everything you need to run the program in class, including a Quick Start Booklet summarizing the program components and easy to follow lesson-by-lesson instructions.
Students will be surprised when they hear their first audio "transmission" from Mission Control on Planet Ca4! There is a new transmission every lesson!