There are 4 important messages in the Power4Bones program, and each one has a corresponding web challenge that students can play at school or at home. Each one has been carefully tested in classrooms to teach bone health in an age-appropriate way. And they're fun!

The secret box includes secret codes allowing you and your students access to:
FEED YOUR BONES SHOPPING SPREE: Continuing the story from the comics, visit the food market. Help Bones' friend Alex find bone-building foods! MOVE YOUR BONES: Not all physical activities are bone-building. Build an obstacle course that makes bones strong! DOCTOR TRIPPENFAL'S BRAIN SCAN: Scan your brains for answers to Dr. Trippenfal's tricky bone-health questions. Hurry! The time is now! 4-A-DAY FRIDGE: The answer is always 4 in this memory game. Search the fridges for your 4 bone-healthy foods!
(click the icons to see a high-res image of each activity)