The Power4Bones program aims to create life-long behaviour change in kids when it comes to bone-healthy eating and activity. The PSA Challenge provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate their understanding of key learnings from the program.

See the online teacher guide or Quick Start Booklet for more information about the PSA component.

Students can create visual (poster or comic) PSAs with an innovative, creative, fun and interactive online tool called the PSA Maker! (The secret box includes secret codes allowing you and your students access to the online PSA Maker.)

The PSA Maker contains a personal gallery for each student, a class gallery where students can see and vote for their classmates’ PSAs, as well as a public gallery of PSAs posted by teachers from other schools and classes.

There are always options for creating PSAs!

Teachers and students do not have to use the PSA Maker to create PSAs (however, you’ll be missing out on a really cool curriculum rich tool if you don’t!)

A PSA can be created by designing a Paper PSA or an Audio PSA in class. A paper PSA might be a hand drawn comic or poster and an Audio PSA might take the form of an mp3 file, jpg, CD, etc.

However, please note that only the PSAs created using the online PSA Maker can be posted on the public gallery.