We recommend that each class establish a P4B Squad of three students to help implement certain parts of the program.

P4B Squad members can be chosen in a variety of ways, depending on the classroom environment and teaching style. The Squad can be a reward for hard work, a random selection, or a motivator for students who need a bit of extra help.

Leaderships skills or attributes that can be developed through squad membership include teamwork, respect, setting an example, coaching, self-esteem, responsibility, organization and planning!

P4B SquadP4B Squads can also help create some real excitement about Power4Bones in the classroom and school by wearing P4B T-shirts. The squad can assist teachers with running the program by personalizing the comics; distributing secret codes, ID badges and bone-building tools; and playing the program "transmissions" from outer space for each lesson.

There's a handy Mission Handbook for the squad included at the back of the Quick Start Booklet in your secret box.