Thousands of classrooms have participated in the Power4Bones program. Below are real comments from teachers who have used P4B in their classrooms!

Great program, very interactive and the students looked forward to it every week.
I love the program and feel the students learn a lot about the importance of nutrition and exercise to prevent osteoporosis.
It is a fabulous program! I think it offers a great mix of exciting activities for the students and health/language learning. Bravo! I will keep using the program!
Thank you so much for a great program! We especially appreciated the skipping ropes. I loved how fun and motivating the program was.
I thought it was a wonderful program. My P4B Squad were fantastic in their role, and the class responded favourably to the program.
I've used this program every year that I have taught grade 5 since it started and hope that it continues. It is a fun, valuable learning tool. I love the games for Phys Ed and this year had my group of 6 grade 6's lead them. Worked like a charm.
I have used this program for nearly a decade now. My students love the games and challenges... and take great delight in trying to obtain perfect scores. P4B is quick and succinct... and a great way to teach the importance of bone health and growth.
A great program that my students loved and were very enthusiastic about, also loved the free items they got each week!
My students thoroughly enjoyed the program while learning important ways to build and maintain healthy bones!
It was awesome and interactive and my students really enjoyed it.
Students really enjoyed this program. I really liked having the designated squad leaders.
Students were engaged and talking about their bones and how to keep them healthy. They liked being Earth agents and enjoyed the activities online.
I think it is a great program, the students enjoyed it.
The program is amazing! It is fun and informative and the kids really enjoy it!!
I really enjoyed the program and have used it for many years.
An EXCELLENT program - thank you very much!!
I think it's great!
Love it. The kids love it. Great way to get the kids learning about healthy eating and exercising.
I Love it and so do the kids. Please keep the program going in future years!
I love this program!!! My students really enjoyed the activities.
My students and I enjoyed the variety of activities and learned some valuable information about building bones. Thank you!
I have used it for about 5 years and I think it is quite effective.
It's a wonderful program that I will continue to use every year.
Good idea for this age group to help them with something that could later be a huge problem for them.
Loved it, kids were engaged. Great benefit!
I have used it from the start and the kids have loved doing it every year! Thanks!
Keep up this awesome work! Thanks so much for Power4Bones!
Great learning tool.
Great program! Hope it will continue...
The students really love the Power4Bones program. They are excited about the program and enjoy the games. I thoroughly enjoy teaching the program.
Fantastic program which coincides so nicely with our curriculum and which offers an integrated approach to the health curriculum.
I love the Power4Bones program. This is my third time teaching it and each year the students love the program. Thank you for providing this service to teachers.
I like using Power4bones as a tool to teach the health unit for this grade. I think it is a nice change of pace for the students. I think they enjoyed participating in the lessons. Thank you.
My teaching partner and I have been using your program for years and we love it! I really don't have any suggestions! The kids enjoy all aspects of it! Thanks for all your hard work!
My class was very engaged with the comics because they were personalized. They were extremely engaged with the web-based activities and were learning a lot without even realizing it.
Power4Bones is an engaging program for the students. It is an interesting way to complement and support our science and health units.
I love this program! This was my second year, so I made expectations clear for the Bone Squad and they led the entire program. It was an awesome leadership opportunity!
I love the program just as it is. It is easy to use and well organized.
I thought this was a very good way to get a healthy message across to the students. They loved to use the technology and play the games.
I think it is an excellent program. My students loved playing the games and didn't realize they were learning at the same time. That kind of teaching is great.
Great program!
This was a wonderful program that the students enjoyed very much. It was beyond organized. Look forward to using it again. Thank you.
Awesome program - would love to use it again!
Excellent program! My students enjoyed every aspect of it and it was a great learning tool.
Love the program.
Wonderful program! I would love to participate next year again.
Awesome program! You have thought of everything. I actually cannot think of anything that did not work for my class. They loved it.
This program is a great supplementary tool to our curriculum, i.e. to our Religion (Puberty), Gym and Health; and Physical Fitness. The students were extremely engaged in the web challenges and Femur Findings ... and took the scoring competitions very seriously. All in all, they thoroughly enjoyed the program...... I have seen this time and time again every year... my 10th year using the P4B. Thank you.
Awesome Program :)
Love it.
I will use it again. It supplements the science Human Body unit for grade 5s.
My students (and teacher too!) really appreciated having the skipping ropes in the kit. We used the ropes during Physical Education class to do a unit on skipping. The students worked in groups to create routines that they presented to the class. They got to take their skipping ropes home after the unit was completed. I would have liked to keep the ropes for use at school but the students were VERY eager to take them home.
Students really enjoy the online games associated with the lessons.
I've been using this program for 5 years now and the students love it! Thanks.
It is a very well organized program, which was really easy to follow and my students truly enjoyed it.
I always enjoy using the program with my class.
Love the program and have been using if for a number of years.