We asked students:
Here are some of their answers!

The really cool activities and the missions you gave to us.

I really liked learning about the different foods that have calcium in them and the second thing I really liked was playing the games.

I liked that it was fun and that we learned a lot. 

When we played the web challenges because it was fun challenging yourself and friends. I also liked when we had to decode the message! It was fun working with friends trying to find the message!

I liked the games and learning how to build my bones without being bored to death.

The Power4Bones activities like 4-a-day were challenging and fun. I also liked the information we learned from Femur's Findings.

I liked it because I learned a lot of things. I never knew hopscotch is one of the most weight-bearing activities.
I thought the characters where pretty cool!
I liked reading the comics and playing the games on the website thank you for making Power4Bones.
It was a very fun program. I also found that it taught me a lot about bones and bone health. I really liked this program.
It was amazing. I liked the web challenges and the secret transmissions!
I liked the way I got to learn how bones work in a fun way. Also I liked the Power4Bones games. IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!
I liked the games, I thought they were really cool! And I liked the I.D. badges when we got to make out the secret messages!
There are lots of fun games, that you learn from and you don't even know you are learning because you’re having so much fun!!!
I liked learning the ways you can build your bones, like backpacking, that really fit your everyday life. Your activities were cool too! (Your ID badge is way cool!)
I liked the comics because they had your own school's name and teacher’s name.
The two things that I really liked about the Power4Bones program was that we got to work with others to help our friends know about bone health and how important it was and that we got to use the computer which was really fun!