All PSAs accepted to our PSA Maker Public Gallery, by the deadline, will be eligible for a chance to have a $500 donation made on behalf of your class to support a charity that focuses on healthy eating and/or active living in your community.

Submit a PSA to our online PSA Maker Public Gallery by April 30, 2018, and provide students with an opportunity to become engaged and responsible citizens and community members!

Have students use the PSA Checklist below to ensure their PSA has what it takes to be accepted to the PSA Maker Public Gallery.

The selection process, whereby students research and recommend a suitable charity to receive the donation, promotes responsible citizenship, student leadership and community involvement — all values embedded in Alberta's programs of studies.

Public Service Announcement CHECKLIST

Choose one or more of P4B's four key themes to be the main message of your bone-health PSA:
Explain to classmates why they should care about bone health and offer them suggestions for how they can build strong bones.
Encourage classmates to eat bone-building foods or do bone-building activities - or both (and give examples)! (Hint: Bone Building Scale 3s are always the best bone-building choices!)
End with a "call to action" that tells classmates what they need to do to have healthy bones (for example, "Grab your skipping rope and start jumping to build strong bones NOW").
Tell your classmates where to get correct information about bone health (for example, a Web site address or phone number).