Has your child gone BONE-CRAZY? The Power4Bones program helps teach kids that building strong bones for life can be easy. We've assembled the tools on this page to make bone-building easy for the whole family (including parents!)


About 40% of bone mass is built during adolescence, making it the most critical time to get enough bone-building nutrients like calcium and vitamin D.

Girl's bones grow fastest between ages 11 and 14 and boys' bones grow fastest between 13 and 17. By age 20, the skeleton is almost complete, but we maintain it for the rest of our lifetime, so bone-building continues!

You are a role model! Show your children that eating bone-building foods and enjoying bone-building activities is easy.

Our bones need more than calcium to build strong bones. They also need vitamins D and A, protein, phosphorus, zinc and magnesium.

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