Designed with teachers, the P4B Bone-health program offers opportunities to teach health, physical education, language arts, media literacy and more!

P4B requires about 30 minutes per lesson of computer time, for 7 lessons.

P4B is flexible, taking anywhere from 45 minutes to several hours each lesson. Because you can mix in other learning objectives, the sky is the limit.

Remember to include P4B in your lesson plans. Why not mix P4B with units on anatomy, nutrition, physical activity or language arts?

P4B includes a comprehensive online teacher guide with a detailed summary of the program components, lesson plans with extended learning ideas, student activity sheets, curriculum links, rubrics and more!

Registered teachers will receive a "P4B Secret Box" filled with program materials and fun bone-building tools. Each year, our limited spots fill up quickly. Register your class today!

Power4Bones is FREE: from online web challenges to handout materials to comics and fun bone-building tools.