Registration Questions

Do all grade 5 classes in a school have to participate in the P4B program?

No. As many or as few of the grade 5 classes in individual schools as desired can participate. Each participating class in a school, however, must fill in a separate registration form. Each registered class will receive its own secret box of P4B materials.

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Do all the students in a registered grade 5 class have to participate in the program?

It is recommended that all the students in a registered class participate but it is not essential. Individual student participation is totally up to the discretion of the teacher.

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Can the program be run in a grade 4/5 or 5/6 split class?

Yes.  However, only the grade 5 curriculum-integrated links are provided with the program. It will, however, be easy for teachers to link the various P4B program activities to the grades 4 and 6 curriculum if required.

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Do teachers have to attend a workshop in order to get the P4B program materials?

No. Teachers are not required to attend a workshop for this program. The class just needs to register by phone or online and then the materials will be shipped to them.

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Is the P4B program available in French?
No. At this time the Power4Bones program is available only in English.

Can a French immersion class register for the program?

Yes. French immersion classes can participate if they feel the English materials are suitable for them.


Operational Questions

Isn't it going to be a lot of work for a teacher to run this program in class?

No. Everything a teacher needs to run the program will be provided and delivered to each registered class in the P4B Secret Box. In addition to program materials, the box will include specific instructions for the P4B Squad and teachers on how and when to use all materials.

There is also a 20-minute online tutorial that will provide you with an overview of the full program at www.power4bones.com/getstarted.

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Isn't the P4B program going to take up a lot of class time?

No. As much or as little of the program can be worked into class time as the teacher likes. The 7-lesson program includes a lesson-by-lesson calendar with a guideline for which components to introduce with each lesson. It may take 45 to 60 minutes per lesson to implement the program.

A teacher may choose to use the Power4Bones Control Panel to modify and control the pace of the program. The Control Panel allows teachers to compress, pause or extend the recommended lesson activities to best suit their in class schedules.

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What is the Power4Bones Control Panel and how do I use it?

The Control Panel is an online tool that allows each teacher to control the timing of when to run the Power4Bones program in class. Teachers can use the online Control Panel to START, PAUSE or RESUME the program at any time. This flexibility allows teachers to best align the teachings of Power4Bones with relevant curriculum and to modify the program schedule to accommodate in-class time constraints, scheduling conflicts with other school activities, holidays, etc!

All teachers MUST log in to the new online Control Panel with their teacher secret code and PRESS START in order to activate the program for their class. Teachers will need their 8-digit code to enter this site. The code is included on a sheet of secret code labels included in the secret box along with the ID badges. Go to www.power4bones.com/educators to access the Control Panel.

The Control Panel also includes a lesson-by-lesson timeline summarizing the program components and an ongoing status update of what lesson of the program your particular class is on once you press START! Use the timeline and the "You are Here" arrow to explore P4B lesson-by-lesson and keep track of your progress.

We recommend that you follow our lesson-by-lesson calendar guideline included in the Control Panel to maximize student learning however, you can compress, pause or extend the recommended activities if you want to. You can choose to PAUSE or RESUME the program at any time OR you can just let the 7 lesson components automatically activate every 7 days as long as you initially press START. The extent of use of the Control Panel is totally up to you!

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Is P4B a new program or based on an existing one?

Power4Bones is a innovative program.  It is based on research that showed a need to educate children about bone health and their bone-building nutrient needs.  No other program like this currently exists in Canada. This annual program ran in Ontario schools from 2005 to 2017. Alberta launched the Power4Bones program in 2008 and it continues to be available to Alberta schools.

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Why is a P4B Squad needed?

A P4B Squad is recommended to help create excitement about P4B and ensure that the various components of the program are being implemented with the right lesson.  It provides leadership opportunities for students and decreases teacher workload. The P4B Squad can be formed in a number of ways depending on the classroom environment and teaching style. Squad positions can be a reward for hard work, a random selection, or a motivator for students who need a bit of extra help. There’s a handy Mission Handbook for the squad included at the back of the Quick Start Booklet in the secret box.

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Why is an adult leader required on the Squad?

An adult squad leader is required to provide assistance to the students on the P4B Squad if needed.  The P4B Squad will also be responsible for managing the P4B Secret Box, which will contain many bone-building tools to distribute to students at various points in the program. An adult should therefore oversee the management of the secret box contents.

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If a school has more than one grade 5 class participating in P4B, does each class need a separate P4B Squad?

It's up to the individual school. Each participating class will receive its own secret box, and a squad is required to manage the box contents. If a school would prefer to establish a combined squad, responsible for distributing the program materials to more than one class, it can do so.

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Can students who are members of the P4B Squad also receive bone-building tools?

Yes, students who are also members of the P4B Squad are eligible to receive the same bone-building tools as the other Power4Bones students. In addition, P4B Squad members will get a squad t-shirt to wear to create excitement about the program and as a thank you for their assistance.

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Can students still access the web challenges once the lesson is completed?

Yes. If students want to go back to a previous lesson's challenge and play it again, just for fun, they can. Students can play the web challenges over and over again if they want to improve their score. The score on the scoreboard will always reflect their highest score.

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Can a teacher ask students to participate in the web challenges outside of class time?

Yes. The program is web-based so students can participate in P4B just about anywhere there is a computer.  If students do not have home computers or access to the Internet, most local libraries provide access to computers and the Internet.

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What is the online PSA Maker?

The online PSA Maker is a tool for students to:

  • Create visual (poster or comic) public service announcements from a library of clip art and design elements;
  • Share PSAs with classmates and;
  • Vote on classmates' PSAs online

The PSA Maker contains three different types of online PSA Galleries:

  1. Student's "Personal Gallery" which contains the PSAs a particular student has created so far. From this gallery, students can create, view, copy, edit, share and delete any of their personal PSAs.
  2. "Class Gallery" which allows students to view their classmates' PSAs and vote for their favourites. A student's PSA gets included in this gallery once a student clicks "save & share" on a selected PSA in their "Personal Gallery". Students should vote on their classmates' PSAs according to the criteria on the "Creating a Great PSA fact sheet" (included in Lesson 6 of the teacher guide or Quick Start Booklet.)
  3. "Public Gallery" which is available for anyone to view can include one PSA from each class and can only be submitted to the public gallery by a teacher. The PSA submitted can be the class PSA with the most votes OR a PSA chosen by the teacher.

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What criteria should teachers and students use to rate or vote on student/classmate PSAs?

Teachers and students should use the PSA checklist included on the "Creating a Great PSA Fact Sheet" in Lesson 6 of the teacher guide or Quick Start Booklet. A top PSA should:

  • Be based on one or more of P4B's four key themes;
  • Explain to classmates why they should care about bone health and offer suggestions for how to build strong bones;
  • Encourage classmates to eat bone-building foods and/or do bone-building activities;
  • End with a "call to action" and tell classmates where to get correct information about bone health.
The highest rated PSAs on the class gallery should be the class PSAs that best meet the above criteria.

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Can students create their PSAs without using the online PSA Maker?

Teachers and students will not be "forced" to use the online PSA Maker to create PSAs (however, you'll be missing out on a really great curriculum rich tool if you don't!)

If a teacher does not choose to use the online PSA Maker, the culminating activity of creating a PSA can still be accomplished by creating a Paper PSA or an Audio PSA. A Paper PSA might be a hand drawn comic or poster and an Audio PSA might take the form of an mp3 file, jpg, CD, etc.

Note: Only PSAs created using the online PSA Maker can be posted on the public gallery.

What are the P4B program bone-building tools?

The following bone-building tools will be included in the program secret box for each student:
  • Skipping ropes, straws, Earth Agent PLAN IT Boards and final mission postcards from Agent Bones.

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What are the secret codes?

The 8-digit secret codes allow program participants to access the program web challenges and additional functions. There are 3 different types of secret codes:

  • Teacher codes give teachers access to all 4 web challenges, comics, Femur's Finding experiments, etc., at any time to allow for reviewing in advance of students. Teachers can also use their codes to personalize the comics.
  • P4B Squad access codes give class Squad members access to special functions such as making comic episodes specific to an individual class. All members of a class P4B Squad will share the same Squad code. Squad members should also be assigned individual student codes just like their classmates, for access to the web challenges and other program components.
  • Student codes give students access to the 4 web challenges, comics, Femur's Finding experiments etc. as the different components become activated. 

How do you get the secret codes?

A list of secret codes is included in a bag with the ID badges in the secret box that each participating class receives. The codes are on a sheet of labels that the P4B Squad should peel off and place on the secret code Earth Agent ID Badges for each student.

Teachers should keep track of which codes the P4B Squad assigns to each student on the pink "Teacher's student code summary sheet" which is also included in the bag. Teachers will be the only ones who know which codes have been assigned to students if they misplace them! The P4B team will not have access to individual student names.

Can students share a secret code?

If students need to share a computer, they can sign in under one code: however, the recorded web challenge score and the name printed on the certificate at the end of the challenge will show only the name of the student that owns the code used. Whenever possible, students should try to use their individual codes.

How does the P4B Squad make the 7 comic episodes specific to their class?

The comic episode text will be unique to each and every class participating in the program. The P4B Squad can make the comics specific to their class by going to www.power4bones.com and inputting their 8-digit P4B SQUAD ACCESS CODE. The Squad will be asked to fill in the answers to 6 questions about their school and city/town. The Squad has to do this only once during the program. It's quick and easy to do – just follow the directions online. Once the comics are downloaded, they can be printed and photocopied for distribution to students. There's one episode for each lesson of the program. Note: Teacher's can also access these questions and personalize the comics by inputting the teacher 8-digit code.

Does the P4B Squad have to print copies of all 7 comic episodes at once?

No. If you only have time to answer the 6 questions and download your class-specific comics, that's OK. You can come back to the site later on and sign on with your P4B SQUAD ACCESS CODE (or teacher code) to go back to your personalized comics. Then you can print as many of the episodes as you desire. You will not have to answer the questions all over again. You only have to do that once during the program. Students can also view the comics online and solve the decoded messages online if you do not want to print the episodes.

Can the P4B Squad go back in and change answers to the 6 comic strip episode school-specific questions if they've made a mistake?

Yes. The Squad can go back into the site using the P4B Squad access code and change the answers if a mistake has been made. Teachers can also correct mistakes by signing in with the 8-digit teacher code.

Technical Questions

What are the technical requirements to participate in the Power4Bones program?

Power4Bones is a web-based program that requires a computer. The requirements for your computer(s) are listed below. If your computers do not meet these requirements, the web-based components of the program will not work for you or your students.

Here are the technical specifications required to run Power4Bones:

  • A Microsoft Windows, Apple Mac or Google Chrome OS computer. Power4Bones is not compatible with iOS and Android phones or tablets.
  • A modern web browser such as Microsoft Edge, Microsoft Internet Explorer 11+, Google Chrome or Apple Safari.
  • The Adobe Flash Player must be installed and enabled for the Power4Bones site.
  • A consistent and reliable high speed Internet connection is necessary. Power4Bones does not run offline.
  • A keyboard is required for some of the activities.
  • Speakers or headphones are recommended but not required.

If you would like to test your computer to see if it meets the requirements, visit our test page at power4bones.com/testmymachine OR use our contact page to send us your questions. Please include as much information as possible about your device(s), so we can respond quickly and accurately.