Power4Bones is a program aimed at grade 5 students who, let's face it, have sophisticated tastes when it comes to media. From day one we knew that we had to make Power4Bones different, and not the kind of "different" that means picking a cool colour and making a character rap.

Power4Bones is a series of coordinated learning tools, each one of which is designed to fit perfectly with all of the others. Every communication with students is on topic, in character and reinforces the mission. Kids and teachers will be bowled over by the richness of the learning experience and the uniqueness of the learning tools. We have worked hard to make P4B stand out!

THE STORY: There is a lot to learn about bone building, but we've made it easier for kids by folding the learning into the Agent Bones storyline. Kids will feel like spies, not students, as they discover what makes bones brittle, and how to fight Dr. Trippenfal and his evil Carbon8 gang! In every lesson, the same story continues from comic, to web challenge, to classroom announcement and back, carrying students through the different stages of learning.