Power4Bones is the product of years of research, planning, design, and testing, testing, testing! Explore this section to learn more about the steps we took to ensure P4B is an innovative, user-friendly, solid teaching tool for educators.
Research & Social Marketing
Power4Bones is not just fun and exciting, it is exhaustively researched and designed to effect positive behaviour change in participants' bone-building related eating and activity habits. Learn more about why we came up with P4B.
Four Key Messages
The backbone of the Power4Bones program is a set of 4 key messages. At various stages, a different message is highlighted, building upon the learning from previous lessons. Learn more about the 4 key messages.
The Audience: We hid the learning!
Power4Bones is an immersive, story-driven learning opportunity aimed at grade 5 students. We have tested every single tool multiple times, and the results have been incredible. Learn more about where we hid the learning!
Consultation & Testing
Each part of the whole Power4Bones program was tested multiple times in real classrooms. In addition, we consulted an incredible variety of stakeholders. Find out how we made P4B better!
Who Designed P4B?
This gigantic, free, educational program is an initiative of the Dairy Farmers of Canada. Find out who is behind Power4Bones!