The key bone-building learning objectives in the Power4Bones program have been broken into 4 messages, which are repeated and explored throughout the program. Each lesson, a new message is explored through comics, web challenges, Femur’s Findings experiments and emails from characters. Read more about the 4 key messages in Power4Bones.

Your bones are alive, and they need food to grow! The easiest way to get these nutrients is through milk and alternatives.

In the second lesson of the program, kids will visit an online food market searching for bone-building foods, read a story about a brittle-boned human in an evil gang, see Agent Bones "beam down" in your town, and watch an alien scientist discover that bones need food!

In addition to bone-building foods, your bones need weight-bearing activities to grow and get stronger. Activities like running, skipping, hopscotch and tennis, where different bones "impact" the ground or another object, are great for building bone mass!

In the third lesson of the program, kids will create a bone-buildling obstacle course, decode a secret message from a secret agent, and figure out which sport in a triathlon is best for building bones!


Research shows that we build most of our bone mass for life during adolescence. In fact, doctors have taken to calling osteoporosis "a pediatric disease with geriatric consequences".

Research shows that the very age when kids need bone-building nutrients is often the very age when they stop getting them in their diets. P4B shows kids how easy it is to make their bones strong, now and for life.

One of the obstacles to behaviour change is the idea that change is just too hard! We recommend four bone-building foods per day, and it's easy!

"Earth Agents" will fight a gang that wants to distract them from a bone-healthy lifestyle! They will learn during their adventure that getting 4 milk and alternatives every day is easy. A glass of milk, a smoothie, some cheese, a yogurt and you're done!